House Rules


Characters do not have alignment.


Choose three Allegiances for your character. Ignore the Influence section at the bottom of the page as it has no application towards this game.

Healing and Damage

  • Healing Surges are no longer completely refreshed during extended rests; extended rests now only grant one returned healing surge.
  • Healing Surges cannot be spent freely during a short rest; powers or magic items (such as potions) allow for the usage of Healing Surges as normal.
  • In order to gain the benefit of a Healing Surge out of combat, another character must make a Heal skill check at DC equal to the number of hit points the character is currently missing. A failed roll causes the target to lose a Healing Surge without benefit. A successful roll restores one quarter of the target’s hit points as normal. Characters can Take 10 or Take 20 on these rolls, following the usual restrictions.
  • Characters (and monsters) that are bloodied suffer -2 on all attack rolls, skill checks, and saving throws.

House Rules

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