Character Creation


Use point-buy; 22 points with starting stats at 10 10 10 10 10 8, as per PHB.


All classes are available, although some may face certain RP challenges due to setting. Here are the classes that match closely with setting:

  • Controllers: Invoker, Ranger (Hunter), Warlock (Binder), Wizard (Arcanist, Mage, Witch)
  • Defenders: Fighter (all), Paladin (all)
  • Leaders: Artificer, Bard (all), Cleric (all), Runepriest, Warlord (Marshal)
  • Strikers: Assassin (Executioner), Avenger, Fighter (Slayer), Ranger (all), Rogue (all), Sorcerer (all), Warlock (all)
  • Others: Primal classes are appropriate for an all-Primal group, or an antihero “against all authorities” group. Psionic classes are not really setting appropriate.
  • Hybrids: No Hybrid classes. Multiclassing is permitted as normal.


The following races are setting-appropriate and do not require any special approval:

  • Dwarf: Stout, honorable, hard-working folk. Hailing from one of the Seven Houses that each advise the King in turn. Dvorgr pariahs are relatively unheard of.
  • Elf and Eladrin: The Piliyaviustecha, or “gray-painted faces”, dwell on mist-shroulded islands off the mainland, far to the south of the Old Coast Sea. They are tolerated by the Dvorgr, and humans fear their witchcraft.
  • Half-Elf: Any human with elf or eladrin blood is considered half-elven.
  • Human: Self-explanatory.
  • Mul: Those of mixed Dvorgr and human blood. Effectively “half-dwarves.”
  • Warforged: Laborers and sentries for the dwarven kingdom; not all are content with serving and seek to find their own meaning in the world.

The following races are considered “fringe” and there can be a maximum of one of these per standard adventuring group:

  • Genasi: Elemental beings that were trapped here during the Great War, they have no communities and are dying out. They are shunned by humans and the dwarves give them one night’s respite before sending them off.
  • Gnome: Allies of the Piliyaviustecha, the few gnomes that have appeared in this world typically remain on the forested islands of the south.
  • Halfling: Suffering tremendous losses from Great War and the Coldfire, Halflings find refuge on some of the islands that were created from the destruction of the coastline.
  • Minotaur and Shifter: Living on the fringes, sandwiched between the furthest reaches of dwarven kingdom and the Western Desert, these beastmen cling to a precarious existence. Having only a handful of small villages, they are feared by humankind, reminded of the stories of were-creatures bound to the cycles of the moons.
  • Tiefling: Like the Genasi, these devil-kin were a product of the thinning of the barriers between worlds during the Great War. They are very few, and have no communities of their own. Many turn to brigandry or piracy.

Character Creation

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