“And on the Eighth Day of the First Hold of the Second Turn of his ascendancy to the throne of Kahalegheim, King Gorun II decreed that all Humankind would be forever under the Dutiful and Watchful Protection of the Seven Holds, Guarding them from both Within and Without…” — 118th Platinum Accounting, Kaladheim Library of the Ancients

Welcome to Hammer, Shield, and Ring, a D&D 4E campaign run entirely online through Google G+ and Roll20. Players in HS&R are all current or former acquaintances, having gamed together in some fashion in the recent or distant past. We are a casual group that is serious about having fun, but due to the constraints of time and space (and work, and family, and…) we are not afforded the luxury of frequent gaming. Hopefully this experiment will be an enjoyable one.

HS&R is set in the world called Verg Fodilur — Life’s Forge — by the Dvorgr peoples. Dvorgr, or dwarves as they are often called by humans, are the dominating authority in the Known World. They are humanity’s saviors, having driven back the Uk-Voruk Horde beyond the Western Desert, and undid the devastation of the infernal magics used during the last Great War of Illhamur.

Do the player characters represent an echo of the old world, harkening back to their ancestors’ ways before the mailed fist of the Dvorgr swept it all aside? Are they champions of the new order, hoping to help bring order and justice to a still-tumultuous world? Or perhaps they are the winds of change, seeking a different way of life than underneath the shadow of the dwarven hammer of judgment that looms above? The laws and histories of the Dvorgr kingdom are set in stone, but the present is not, and the future has yet to be etched. Now is a time for heroes!

Hammer, Shield, and Ring

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